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Please click the link below to view imageXPress' file preparation rquirements.

60 IXP Printing Guidelines

Large Format Printing Guidelines

To avoid delays in creating your output files, please use the following "Final Checklist" before submitting your artwork. If you have any questions about file preparations, please call our charming customer service department at (978) 373-3225.

Page Layout, Dimensions, Proportions, Resolution and Bleed
Establish the correct size and proportions at the beginning of the design. It is not necessary to put a project together at 100% of the final size in your page layout. It may be better if you build your pages at 50% or 25% of scale. For example: if the final printed size is 30x96, you can prepare the page layout at 15x48. We will enlarge your file to the correct dimensions prior to printing the job. Note: if your files include raster type images, be sure that image resolution of your images will be 150 dpi or more when enlarged to final size.

Add a 1/2 inch bleed around all the final print dimensions. If you are designing with a 50% or a 25% scale, the bleed should be 1/4" or 1/8".

Drop Shadows Created in Illustrator
We recommend that you do not use the Drop Shadow filter in Illustrator. This filter is often causes undesirable bitmapping of drop shadows. Create soft edge drop shadows in Illustrator by using the Drop Shadow Effect. If you use this effect, prepare your document at 100% of final output size.

Fonts and Links and supporting files
Please send all fonts that you used to create your output file(s).
Please send us all images that you used in your files. If your images are embedded, it is not necessary to send us the links. We prefer to have all original artwork.

Logo Art
Please send all Logo Art as a "vector" or "outlines" version done in Freehand or Illustrator. Photoshop files only work if they have a very high image resolution.

Did you include your fonts?
Did you include all links?
Did you specify all PMS colors?
Are proportions correct according to final document size?
Are there any color matching instructions?





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