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Trade Show Display Purchasing Help
We’ve put together a few guidelines to help you determine what displays will best suite your needs. All advice in the below discussions is given to help you maximize your tradeshow potential while minimizing damages to your wallet. If you have any questions, please call or email


Always buy a product with a warranty  

What type of retractable banner stand?
Why are there so many different types of retractable, or roll up, banner stands? I am sure you have asked this if you have ever looked into purchasing one.

The first, and most obvious answer to this question is to meet a wide variety of budgets, we only sell medium to high priced banner stands because of the warranties that come with them, for more info on why you ought only to purchase a banner stand with a warranty, click here.

The second answer is also obvious, appearance. As fancy appearances are valued highly in the trade show market, it stands to reason that the better looking, the more expensive. Exhibitors represent a broad range of budgets, and nobody wants to sell a good looking, high quality display for cheap. Thus, the less expensive banner stands tend to be more bland.

The final, more complex and most important answer is functionality. To get to the heart of the matter, you have to ask yourself questions such as these: will this be viewed for one side of two sides? Will I be changing my message frequently? Will I be lining multiple banner stands in a row to form a wall?

Click here to read the short article differentiating between the different retractable banner stands that we promote.




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What type of retractable banner stand?
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